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French Voice Recognition Not Functioning In Ez-Buider

EZ-Buider gives me an error when I attempt to use voice recognition on windows8 set to French language.

Everything's OK when I run voice recognition on windows8 in french without EZ-Buider

Naturaly when I switch to English everything's fine

Me and my future Rolly are understanding each other but I'd lyke other people around to understand what's going on when I talk to it.

Is there a way to set-up EZ-Buider to recognise the french dictionary with voice recognition?

Look at the bottom of the pic with the error message.

Tanks for your support

User-inserted image


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pretty sure that the voice controller works only with english, but I may be wrong. :D
will it be part of a futur version?
hi, I have the same message with Windows 8 in French. Speech recognition doesn't work with the last update. *stress*