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Free Shipping To India?

I have just three more queries- 1.Will free shipping be applicable for shipping to India? If yes, what is the mode of transfer? Is it by normal post or by courier? Is it reliable? 2.The price of the Developers' kit has increased from 189 USD to 229 USD. Why is it so? Has any new item or technology been added? 3.FedEx is not there in the shipping options! Why has it been removed?



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Yes, free shipping to india.

The methods of shipping will display in the drop down for your area.

The free shipping option must be selected and we choose the most cost effective way.


Thanks a lot, DJ! But Q2 & 3?


Please answer my queries, anyone.

United Kingdom

Q2, the price has not increased, the offer has just ended. Pre-orders were offered to existing members of the community at a discounted price, this has now finished and the price is back to it's normal price. This was covered in other topics over the past week.

Q3, if FedEx is not there in the shipping options then FedEx is not available, it's that simple.


Earlier it was, that's why I'm asking. Then it suddenly disappeared!


More detail on question 2:

If comparing the price from 2 days ago to today, then no, no new technology, just the end of the member pre-sale price.

If comparing to several months ago when V3 board was still shipping, then many differences, well worth the cost difference:

  1. EZ-B 4 instead of EZ-B 3. Just a few differences: more digital ports, WiFi instead of Bluetooth ($minimum $35 value when compared to converting V3 to WiFi), on board audio, on board video processing with new camera, faster processor...

  2. Kit now includes 7.5 vLiPo battery and charger. $45 value

  3. New camera that communicated to PC through EZ-B rather than separate dongle. Higher resolution.

  4. Heavy duty rather than standard servos.

That being said... If you don't need all the servos, and do want an H-Bridge and a pan/tilt adapter for the camera, the Roli kit looks to be a slightly better value even if you don't use the body and tread platform.

Has less servos and no Ping sensor, but has 2 batteries and chargers and an H-Bridge.

I was torn, but ended up buying the complete kit and a few extra bits because I already have a tread robot I am building and switching to Roli was "too easy", but it is a great option if you haven't started your robot body yet.



Thank you very much, Allan. I have ordered the Roli robot along with an arm and an ultrasonic sensor.

This is my first robot. I'm very excited about it!

Thanks again,



We typically do offer FedEx, Im not sure why it wouldnt come up in the options. Perhaps an issue with your address?

As DJ mentioned, when you qualify for 'Free Shipping' it automatically chooses the cheapest option.



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