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Found An Interesting Glitch

I found an interesting glitch today. Gizmo is a good robot. He has been obeying all his commands except......... The word stop. Giz will respond to every verbal command, except "stop". A little disconcerting when he is on his way out of the room. I tried typing it different ways, but still the same result. Has anyone encountered this before?


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I have had a similar problem with the word hello. But not with stop


One word commands are a no-no for speech recognition. our software extends Microsoft speech recognition. any concerns can be addressed at customer support:)

The default speech recognition example has multiple words for that reason. More words the better.

Also remember that your voice tone and emphasis will be cause recognition issues. If you get frustrated, do not yell, talk quick, or swear lol. Spaces of silent between words are necessary. Computers are not human. Its funny how poorly we speak when you are forced to speak correctly


Well thank you DJ, you are indeed the answer man. Do you know if there are other Microsoft voices available for download? Have you ever heard of Zabaware software! Ultra Hal?


Google will help you find voices. I have no others. I use standard. Hal voice would be killer!


Hi, I think I have found another glitch, well I believe it's one. When using the ping collision and you make your bot go forward, it will stop automaticly when it hits a certain distance right? Oke here comes the sort of weird part. If you make it go forward again(once it stopped), it will go forward (still not weird right?), but it wont stop. When you say it should stop. And if you make it go in reverse, it wont stop reversing... So I made sort of an emergency stop button, to prevent it from smashing in to my door/wall... Again, it has happend about 3 times now... or more(usually Im on time with stopping it)... And it broke a ping sensor... And I also think I broke something on my Ez-b... The ping sensor wont give values over 25in... The rest works great though. Maybe ping sensors hate me... Because I once fried one of their brothers...

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Depending on the ping sensor they all have different range values, some are short range some are longer, mine only senses upto 25in as well, however i have another that senses only 15in but is much more accurate at closer ranges, maybe thats the issue ?


Well the issue is that if the ping collision window would stop my robot from moving and if I started it again in the same direction as it was stopped in, it wouldn't stop anymore. And by not stopping anymore I mean smashing in to my wall when I was test driving... It might have been that I have bought a differnt ping sensor than I had before... The other one broke when it got stuck between the robot and the wall...