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Found A Great Price On Tellymate

Battsock has a new one out called Tellymate tiny ttl,its same as the tellymate only a lot smaller and it $12.50 and tellymate is selling cheaper then you can get at sparkfun. Shipping is very low

I got a few in very fast and will work on the code as i have a chance.

tellymate tiny ttl


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@Robotmaker, just curious what would you use this for confused


its a text to video screen instead of using LCD,can you any TV monitor. DJ made a interface to EZB ,in hardware look up TELLYMATE

Coding is fairly easy to do and its easy to use


Here is more info on it.

The EZ-B has support for the TellyMate board. The TellyMate sends text and graphics to a TV. The TellyMate connects to the port RD2 on the EZ-B

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I have one of the new TellyMate Tiny modules waiting to be played around with but haven't found the time yet. Documentation on it isn't exactly brilliant and there are better methods available so it's not been anywhere near the top of my list.

To be perfectly honest it's a very basic display, if you are putting a screen in a robot then you'd be better off with a wireless av sender (if the PC isn't onboard) and sending windows graphics to the screen to gain a UI like the one shown in the Omnibot 3000 showcase.

It's a cheap alternative to an LCD if you have a spare display lying around though. Output is through composite video so as long as it has either a composite in or you throw in a composite to VGA adapter too then it should work with most screens. If you can still find one it will also work with many older CRT displays.

If you have problems with figuring out the commands for it please say so and I will move it further to the top of my list, otherwise it can stay at the bottom.


I have plans to put up info on the commands since one of my projects is using it.

Its not to use as a PC dispay only for text from the EZB,i found low cost VGA to TV adapter for if using a PC


Interesting info on the Tellymate ..I would like to compare it to these others...a 16x2 lcd or an OLED is small and high contrast plus fairly inexpensive.......or a 1.8inch TFT LCD color with a SD card breakout.....for 25$US....My main use would be as a teleprompter (cheatsheet):) thanks robotmaker and Rich!

Edit ..@robotmaker ..that Tellymate link shows 12.50 English pounds(Euros?) and at a 1.54US thats more like 19.00US:)


YES total is $23.07 with shipping, its a lot better then 16by2 lcd ,main reason 4 inch or 7 inch monitor has a lot more room for TEXT and some monitors has a dual video input.

SO with a video switch it can show text and video on one screen ,thats my plan for it.

LCD not that low cost unless from china when you add shipping from USA,EVEN 1.8 INCH TFT LCD KINDA small .

Adding a monitor really depends on room the robot has to add it,and same with LCD

They low cost was comparing to sparkfun prices with shipping ,16x2 lcd serial is $24.95 and shipping is about $10 And if you live in the UK YOU PAY about 12.50 EUR WITH 4.00 EUR

TELLYMATE IS $27.95 PLUS $10 SHIPPING at sparkfun

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In the UK you pay £12.50 plus £3.50 postage, a total of £16, however I didn't;) (Never buy without haggling. Melvin and Jarvis have given me the power to get great deals on ARC compatible accessories).

So when can we expect to see some kind of tutorial and/or example code on this Robotmaker?