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Foscam F19831p Useage With ARC &Amp; ARC Mobile

Hello All,

I searched on the forums for Foscam Posts and found some good ones. However, the setup doesn't work for me. I know the IP Address of the IP Camera and it is on the same network that my robot is on. I entered the IP address into the camera selection field in ARC and started the camera but no video stream. I have the Foscam camera set to JPEG Snapshot Mode. Any help would be much appreciated.

The Foscam F19831 has pan/tilt and IR LED on/off functions. From the posts that I read it should be possible to control these functions as well as view the stream in ARC for Windows, but have no idea where to start. I guess the first step would be to get the video stream to display. I'm not that well versed on networking and using HTTP commands to control the camera. Again any help would be appreciated. I saw some examples of HTTP command lines but not sure how they work or how to use them?

Once I get everything worked out, will it be possible to do the same thing in ARC Mobile and then connect in client mode and do port forwarding and control camera stream and functions in Mobile application?

Are there plans in the future to support other cameras in the future as it seems from the community there is a lot of interest in this feature. In the future I will be purchasing an IRobot Create 2 and will control it with the EZ-Bv4 or newer version coming out soon. I will have both the EZ-Robots camera on the robot for steering and video recognition things that it does quite well and then I will have the Foscam F19831P IP camera on the robot for surveillance purposes. Will not have both cameras on all the time. I will also have other EZ-Robot items on board including an arm with gripper, etc. Will have RGB Animator Display, plus other odds and ends. would like to be ale to control both cameras from one Mobile App over the internet. Would only be using one camera at a time.

Thanks Much For Your Help and Assistance ! Rick B.


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Use this thread which contains the url needed:

Here is a result of other threads with foscam conversation:


Hello DJ,

I read the two links above and good information. However not very savvy with network stuff and http & https. I'm still just trying to get the video stream to even show up in ARC pc. I use a program called tiny cam pro with the foscam ip camera that is connected to my network and it works well. If I check the camera details it shows an ip address that it is using in the app. I put this ip address in ARC camera setup screen and select start and no video. Interesting thing is that if I enter the ip address into ie browser url on my laptop also connected to my network, and try to open and display the camera video it does not display.

Seems it only wants to display video using tiny cam pro on my cell phone. Seems same ip address for camera in cell phone app should work on any computer/robot connected to my network at the same time?

With regards to the robot does the robot need to be in client mode and attached to my wifi network for this scenario to work? Seems that it does. I thought I tried this and it still didn't work

My cell phone is connected to my wifi and when I put the url for the ip cam reported by the tiny cam app into the cell phone browser directly, I can't get video to display. Video does display on cell phone in tiny cam app. Not sure what is going on?


The mobile app won't view the video from any camera other than the ez-robot camera. This won't change because it's a restriction for the hardware requirements of the ez-robot app with apple. There are no exceptions and ez-robot will not be making changes to risk losing apple certification.

However, the ARC PC app will support any camera you can throw at it. It will work with either USB or Jpeg snapshots. The information is in the camera manual page near the bottom. Here is a direct link, or accessed by pressing the ? (question mark) next to the X (Close) of the camera control:

Of course your robot will need to be in client mode for your PC computer to access other devices. That is how networking works. You cannot connect to your neighbors computer when connected to your network. Much like you cannot connect to my computer when connected to your network. Networks are only connected with routers. EZ-Robot is not a router.

client mode connects your robot to your network - that way all devices are accessible from your PC.



I thought of a way to use the ezb camera and foscam on the irobot create platform at the same time. I can use the ez-robot cam to do the driving and for color/object detection and use the cell phone app to access ip cam when I want to look around in a particlar room for say security purposes. That way I can control both cams via the internet easily. Will just need to switch apps on cell phone. When not used primarily as security robot I can remove the Ip cam completely and use ez-robot/other tidbits. The Ip cam has higher resolution and ir leds built in. Also get good response over internet using 4G connection on android phone. What do you think of this concept?....Rick


Where there's a will there's a way! It'll work. Just have to switch between apps and you're golden