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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

For The Ez-Robot Team

In the room with all of your 3D printers, are you printing in PLA or ABS?


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We print with PLA only. It's better for the environment
Thank You,

The reason I asked is that I was told that PLA did not like to be covered. And that ABS loves to be covered and closed in. I have a cover on my printer that I have used exclusively with ABS. I have just removed the cover. Now, I am temporarily switching over to PLA. (Because I am out of ABS.) I want to get everything working right. That is interesting. Maybe I can still cover up my printer.
We find that keeping a regulated temperature inside the printer greatly reduced the likelihood of warping. As DJ mentioned we use PLA and found that covering the printers made a huge difference. Give it a shot!