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hey, Rich,

 I was wondering if you have Melvin hooked up to pass through "Siri" or "Fake Siri" or Wikipedia?

I am not quite that good at programming where I can make that happen. But, the idea is that you ask the robot a question. He looks in the database and he finds that he does not have the answer. So, he hooks up to the web and search with Siri or Wiki or wolfram alpha, etc. He could go further by storing the new question/answer in his database.

That doesn't seem so hard for an expert programmer like you. What do you say? we can all use this.

Thanks in Advance.




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Not Melvin but Jarvis does. However Jarvis doesn't solely use ARC (in fact Jarvis barely uses ARC, none of his AI is done through ARC entirely).

You could use the HTTPGet function along with wiki, wolfram alpha, whatever. You would need the url for the search query though, for instance Wolfram Alpha's is followed by the query. So the code would be something like;

$result = HTTPGet("" + $query)

That will save the result of the query to the variable, however there are 2 issues here already before I even think about it...

  1. If speaking the query it would require dictation which is only available in the pandora bot control and very difficult to make accurate without months and months of training Windows SAPI.

  2. The result of the query will generally be an entire HTML web page's text, it would need to be parsed by something before being useful.

I am working on getting Jarvis to talk to ARC however progress on that has halted as of late mainly because I don't need it to and I have a lot of other things on my plate. It will come but I don't know when, all I know is it's likely to be a while since I'll need to test it thoroughly too.

You may be able to just use the pandora bot control, I haven't used it for a while since Jarvis is much better (in my opinion however I am biased there) so I don't know if it is possible of answering questions by checking online databases, I think it does but you will need to check.


Thank You so much for the info! I know you have your plate stacked to the ceiling. But, we all apreciate what you have done for this forum. I was thinking about doing it with text and at the last moment speaking it when it was going to the screen, etc. Too hard for me to concieve. But, it sure works in theory.


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You can download Touch pad for the Apple family of products Iphone, Ipad etc its not a free app though. Then use Siri to dictate to your PC or Mac when I dictate to Siri its almost 100% accurate which is very impressive mind you so is Dragon Dictation which I believe is free :)


I can do it on my tablets. but, I mean interface it into the robot running with the EZB in windows. so, we can ask the robot a question and it can go to the web and look up the answer as if we had typed it or said it in the Siri space.

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Yes that would be great to have a Siri proxy for EZB at present I only know of a Siri proxy using a Raspberry Pi module. Maybe DJ will add it to his list of future enhancements pleeeease


I don't really know how it works, I just know it would be GREAT to have. ;)