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Asked — Edited

For D.J. About Speech Recognition

Hey! The Speech Recognition part of the EZB works better than ANY I have ever seen. Even better than Dragon Dictate, in my opinion.

But, I want to ask you if there is a limit to the NUMBER of phrases you can put in the Speech Rec program. I notice that when I first start off, it works fine. But, after a while I loose those capabilities. It is just like someone turned off speech recognition. I was wondering if I was filling up a buffer and making it overflow or something.

If it ever stops, is there a command I can use to turn it right back on?

All of the scripts run fine if I click them. But, at a certain point I loose recognition.

After creating a script in script manager, it is coming back telling me I have no window by that name. So, I had to create duplicate scripts in order to run them. This could have maybe had something to do with the speech rec stopping all of a sudden. It was all working 100% in a previous build. I was wondering if I overloaded it. I had I guess 50-60 phrases.

Sorry for so many questions. Thanks for Being there for us all. We appreciate that very much.

Thank You,



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Thank you:)

There is no limit to the number of phrases. All the credit goes to Microsoft for the speech recognition engine, because that is what we use:)
Wow! it is better than the Dragon. Thanks for the answer.