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For All South Africa

Hello ez robot I've been noticing that a few people from South Africa have joined this forum and wanted to have a meeting. Like eat discuss some robot ideas and other things. So if you live in South Africa please leave your email adders and your phone number on this thread if desired. My email address is Thanks

Edit: for the title I meant for all South Africans


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hi mohamed r

i dont think its a good idea to make a topic just for a separt group. sinds ez works as one big famely. i may be wrong,better to check this.


He doesn't mean an online group... He wants to get together with others from South Africa to chat about robots.... No harm there...


i mean the titel is not correct i think. i made a topic ones whit titel FOR...person. i bin told not to do that,its leave the other members out the conversation.


@nomad - This is the correct way as he is trying to gather members from South Africa for an "in-person" meeting. Building "in-person" EZ-Robot Communities is also very important as these people can get together on a regular basis and build robots together! Following the gatherings, many people like to share their results with the community so everyone else doesn't feel left out:) I would encourage every EZ-Robot member to find other local EZ-Robot Builders and get together for Robot building!

Unless you are planning on flying from Belgium to South Africa... :)


no i dont have any wings.haha

mohamed my appolegies for changing your topic.