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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

For Aameralis

Hello, my friend. When you were using the omnibot base on Lexi, did you run into a situation of when you turned on the EZB, she would start going backwards? That is what I am facing. When she is going backwards, since the robot base is put on there backward, that would be forward.

Now, this is with the EZB hooked up , but not connected.

Share any experiences you have had, please.




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United Kingdom
You'll get more help if you don't direct generic questions towards one person:) I believe this isn't limited to only Lexi or your build but more widespread.

It sounds like your EZ-B is turning some of the digital signal pins high on power up, check with a multimeter. If this is happening, when connected to a H-Bridge it will give the signal to move motors, depending on which ports are high. It is a common issue on my first EZ-B and causes Melvin to spin in circles when powered on, sometimes. It doesn't happen all of the time. I am yet to check the EZ-B with a multimeter so have assumed this is the reason.

Basically, to get around it, find enough digital ports which don't go high on powering on and use those, if it is constantly putting the same ports high. Like I said, I have yet to get the multimeter on my EZ-B to check this out properly, it's planned but time has not been there for me to try it out.
Thank you, Rich. Certainly ANYONE is welcome. I directed to the last person I knew of that had the base running by itself in his video. So, I KNEW he would possibly have the answer.

How should I say this, to THE PERSON, or Anyone who knows the answer?

Or should I say "Need help on omnibot base"

Thank You for your kind consideration.

United Kingdom
The way I see it is the subject should give a clear indication of the topic, so something like "help with H-Bridge" or Help, motors moving by themselves", something like that. Just my opinion on it really so that others may be able to find the same question and answer here rather than asking the same thing over and over.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to enforce some unofficial rules or anything, I just want to make things quicker and easier for everyone:)
No, I apreciate any advise that I get from you. You are a very Knowledgeble guy.