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Floor Map

What can you do with floor map after you have the floor mapped?

Can you let it go the route it has just driven?


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That might be a neat idea. I pretty much made it so I could draw neat pictures:)

I also like leaving it on when the robot is autonomously exploring. So later I can see what kind of adventure it had. It's also neat for mapping a room to see how the robot saw it.
This looks like it could be the start of "return home" so a bot can return to a point of origin
It won't be 100% to return home. I made it to demonstrate the issues of floor mapping:) .. As well as the interesting creative things you can do.

I'll make a movement record feature, then it will be able to play back in reverse. You'll see what i mean when i do. Your robot will always be a bit out of sync.

The true way to map is use the SDK and reference an ultrasonic distance sensor. So you can constantly update and re-position yourself.

My K-9 robot, which had 3D environmental mapping was interesting. It would work great for a while, but always have to update itself. Constantly updating... It would be out of sync
I'm TJ, owner of TheGoodRobot.com
(still under construction but hopefully I can help you guys sell the robots you build!)

As far as the floor map, can you use similar ways of navigating, like wowwee Rovio?
It uses Ir sensors to auto charge itself when battery is low. It also uses light on ceiling to navigate and can drive the same route over and over after you record the first travel.

This is my first post. I'm waiting for my ARC to come in the mail. I'm going to try and make an exoskeleton to wear and control a robot arm.

Email if you want to help with this project

Hey TJ! Nice to meet you. I've been suggesting that people use the iRobot Roomba as a mobility base (or at the least the motherboard). Because the motherboards can be found cheap, you can connect it to the eZ-B.. and when the battery is low, have the roomba find it's home station. Just like the vacuum would.

I think your exoskeleton idea is going to be unreal. Will it be metal?
i @goodrobot.com
i am looking at making exoskeleton,like the one i saw in a movie while back called FX2
I HAVE THE HAND GLOVE PARTS ,FLEX sensors and getting my mind headset in a few days,plus using some EKG type of control,mostly looking at wireless or bluetooth
i think in the movie the robot is called BLUEY
be great to see your website up and design of it

its mostly called TELEMETRY suit i am making and got some parts in to test them

also ROVIO is a great robot to hack
now with the record system you can create a maze mouse that can kick @$$ like such:
THE CREATE does a great job of finding home base and starts charging ,it uses 360 deg type of laser(modulated IR) and IR receiver
also there other designs using a laser and camera or detector ,the RSSC robotic club i am in has a really good home base tracking design,need to look for the link on floor maps and more