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Floor Map - The Right Turn Mystery

Can anyone explain this

1. Add a script manager control
2. Add a script called forward
1. Add the Forward() script command
3. Add a script called rightturn
1. Add the Right() script command
4. Add the Floor Map control
1. Set it up like this:
A.Number of pixels/second moving forward or reverse: 10
B.Number of degrees/second turning: 10
5. Set up a custom movement control
1. Add the foward script to forward command
2. Add the right script to right command
6. Add this script and call it Box


Right(255, 9000)

7. Execute the box script. I am assuming it should draw a perfect square in the floor map control but it does not. The first turn occurs at: 56.1 degrees. Why not ninety degress as it it set to turn for nine seconds at ten degrees per second?


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It's an estimated value because there is communication and other dependencies. You will calibrate the values based on your robot - it'll be impossible to calibrate your robot based on the values.:)
I should also add that there is a new Floor Map in development - that has some neat new features. I can look into the timing a bit further to see how we can increase the accuracy
Okay,excellent. I was figuring there was a rounding issue going on that was somehow linked to milliseconds to seconds just a guesstimate. I'm looking forward to the new floor map. It would be nice to be able to specify values for the control in ez script that would be real slick.