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Floor Map Is Fun But Can It Be Used As Repeat Path For Robot ?

Just been playing with Floor Map...the drawings great but can you use to have the robot retrace his steps...sorry if I'm missing the obvious...


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Use the Recorder combined with FLoorMap :)

Turn off all other controls while recording, or they're ez-b activity will be recorded also :)


Dj do obstacle avoidance sensors still work if I use this feature , for example a chair or table is slightly out of place?


Jstarne1, the Floor Plan used in conjunction with the Recorder will have your robot retrace his steps but I'm not sure if your avoidance sensors will work. I've posted an example I had some fun with up on the cloud.

I'm waiting for the day when DJ will have comprehensive tutorials on things like this and we can apply them to our robots. It's a lot of work on his part so anything we can add to the cloud is a bonus. I apologize my examples are so primitive - but I am learning.



It seems an interesting topic, it is sometimes a challenge that a robot to go from point A to point B, it hurts the recorder does not work for me in any of my computers. And do not worry because their work is primitive, Abert Einstein said: The greatest weakness of man is to do nothing, thinking it would do little. You are doing a lot! :)