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Flashforge 3D Printer

Anyone have experience or knowledge of this 3d printer ?

FlashForge 3D printer, dual extruder w/2 ABS spools- FlashForge Technology



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I have heard of it, it is a clone of the Makerbot Replicator. Since the Markerbot Replicator is an open source 3D printer, some companies have used these open source plans to build a clone of the original design. Usually they are made in China and are of somewhat cheaper quality than the original. But it's just speculation, it might be the same quality.


@feroze, thanks for the info.... I went ahead and ordered one of these units. The seller (on ebay & Amazon) offers free shipping (7 days from China)

I've also read that the Makerbot Replicator is no longer open source ? Wonder what happened there ?


The Replicator 1 source files should still be available as it was released open source, but the Replicator 2 source files are closed. This was done by Makerbot to stop clone vendors and because they wanted to turn Makerbot into a much larger company and they couldn't see a way to do that without going closed source. At least this is what their explanation is.


Finally got the Flashforge printer, hooked it up and printed out the 20x20x10mm test square. This little printer has the ability to use two extruder print heads and the heated print surface is 9x6 inches It came with ABS material (one reel of black and one reel of white. According to the website all units sold after May have the ability to extrude both ABS and PLA. User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Very cool! Did it arrive pre-assembled? It does look almost exactly like the MAkerBot Replicator 2 - super surprising to see. Will it also use the MakerWare software from MakerBot? So far, the MakerWare Slicer Software is my favorite. It may have less features than the others - but it sure is easy to use.


This unit shipped from Chine via Fedex and arrived at my shop 6 days after placing the order on ebay. It was 95% assembled so the only additional installation effort is to connect the dual extruder print head, the filament spool holders and the two filament guide tubes. The software is downloaded from the main website, HERE There are basically 3 files, two of which contain some python code. I did not see any reference to MakerWare programs but it may operate with what you have DJ. I'm learning how to build 3d images using Autodesk 123D Design software which can be downloaded for no fees and if you want more features and even some free prints then you can join for a membership fee.


Forgot to mention the main program is called "ReplicatorG"


Awesome! ( a collected thread) and white treads....I sense a lot of Zebra robots in your future :)........seriously thanks so much for sharing your new product which will/can be used for a lot of robot parts.


Hey Robot-doc,

Those are some great shots of the printer! how do you like it so far now that you can test it out? I was wondering if I can use some of your photos on my flashforge page,

FlashForge 3D Printer Review

Thanks Jason


@Jcandor, you're welcome to use the images posted here on the forum. I'm in the middle of designing a Roomba 500, 600, and 700 external battery charger case and just got the first piece that holds the two charging contacts extruded. So far very happy with the print results.


ROBOT-DOC THE 3D PRINTER looks great what size is the base ,and where is CHILE where you said you got it from,i might buy one.


OH the country CHILE i forgot about that one. 7 days by fedex not bad ,how much was the shipping cost it looks like a good deal,only hope it last longer then the makerbot


The 3D printer was ordered from ebay and the unit ships from China and shipping is free. the price just went up from 1,150 to 1,199.


China made junk,i hope it will last long time,i will wait a few months before i order one to sell how yours do,and if your works well then i will get one. JUST dont want it to be like makerbot design,if something goes goes bad do you need to ship it back to CHINA and how is the .

BUYING one cheap is not the problem just need to make shore it lasts and the support is good


Go to ebay, check out the 3d printers offered, go the the different vendors websites and usergroup forums for info about the units and support.


OK will check it out,i know there is a 3 part write up on 3D printers in servo magazine on all types of printers. I haven't read the issues yet and that one may be listed.

ON that design will have to look into it and see how long it lasts and if it breaks down like in a month or a year i dont want to ship it back to CHINA ,IT MIGHT LAST 4 YEARS

But i just need to be shore for that much money $1200 and then high shipping cost ,if a $500 to $750 breaks down and bought in the usa its not much to send it back for repairs.

JUST a few opinions i have on it.


After reading your reviews. it sounds like you love your machine! I decided to buy one from

For main reason I chose them because of local return policy instead of returning back to china. It is great to have local supports.

I can't wait to play with it!

United Kingdom

Hi There,

New member here, but had to look at this post, as I am picking my printer up this evening..... (For me, it is quicker and cheaper than postage, as the vendor is only 50 miles away)

I hope I have made a good choice, but it seems like yours is ok, and you seem to be liking it......

Fingers crossed

:D:D :D

Thank you for this post, it has been reassuring


Let us know if it does good prints Phil


HERE is a URL To a FlashForge Google User Group that may help those teetering on the edge of decision making.


Good Luck, robodoc. You may have stumbled accross a good deal there.



Well, I've had some issues with the FlashForge printer when trying to print PLA instead of ABS. FlashForge sent me new extruder units that work with both ABS and PLA. Switched out the thermal tape mounted base to a heat tempered glass plate. Used a dremel tool and high speed diamond glass cutter to drill two holes in the glass so it could be screw mounted to the heated base instead of trying to use plastic clips to hold the glass in place.


Yes, it has a heating base. The problem is that the heated base is wrapped in thermal tape that becomes damaged over time and use. Then you have to replace the tape which is a real pain.


I print with both types. I only heat to 35C for PLA and just use roll on paste on top of the glass plate.


aameralis is correct. blue painters tape works wonders with PLA. After switching to tape instead of the heated bed I haven't lost a print yet.


aamerails and robot56 Thanks for the tips.