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Resolved Resolved by chrissi!

Firmware Update Question With Ez-B V4


My problem is related to firmware update (Version 16.6) in my private network connected of course to internet via router. In my home network I have subnet addressed All my devices have ip adresses from this network. I set ez-b in client mode with address - and I can get to ez-b via web browser. When I tried to make a firmware update, I have only one address to choose from drop down list: and the com ports - how to change the address to real one from my home subnet. Of course I can reset the ez-b to default settings with proper address, but in this case I will not have the internet access, because this is subnet not addressed in my network. The question is what is the problem and if my pc should have internet access during update?


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can you try to turn the cable.
Thanks @Fisha, yeah it definitely looks like your camera is defective, please try the Contact Us page again and reference this thread or mention that you talked to me and we should be able to fast track you a replacement.
I have already done it 1 week ago - and nothing happends. I've received message from you ( Aislinn Grant) that I can try to find the resolution on ez-robot forum. I will send it again, but this time I count that somebody will read my email with understanding ;-)
Fisha, the Contact Us is for customer support and not technical support. The forum is for technical support. Contact Us is for customer support. Use the forum for technical support to determine if there is a hardware defect. Once the forum has detected a hardware defect, then you may Contact Us for customer support.

Customer Support is not Technical Support. The forum is for Technical Support and the Contact Us is for customer support. Customer Support (aislinn, etc) are not technical and unable to assist you with technical questions.

The Forum is for technical support:)

Now that we have determined it may be a hardware defect, it is time for you to Contact Us. Use the Warranty Claim selection in Contact Us and provide a link to this thread.

Here is an example of how to Contact Us for warranty replacement...

User-inserted image
Hi @fisha,

Please check your email. We have already contacted you about replacing your camera, on Wednesday. Did it go to the spam folder?
Thank you DJ for detailed info how to contact with customer support and when, but one week ago Jereme has written in my thread that I should contact with your customer support to begin replacement process and I did it. Now I will do the same, but my e-mail will be like in your example
Hi @fisha,

I'm glad you know the process better now, but there's really no need! We're already processing your warranty request, so please check your email for our notice which we sent a couple days ago...:)
In fact, I didn't noticed your email chrissi, because many emails from ez-robot confused me and yes I found this email in the end:) Thank You very much:) and I see that I should meet with my doctor to check my eyes;)
Still waiting for replacement or any message for a date of replacement :-)
Hi @fisha,

Thanks for being patient with us! We're shipping it out tomorrow. It shouldn't normally be so long but we had a lot of orders that shipped lately so we had a lot of them to deal with:)
It's Ok - now I uderstand:) And it's clear for me, thanks for so quick response:)
Thank you for quick camera replacement, but I see that I have the same issue with new camera. After a few sec ez-b is hanging and the camera preview is freezing - the effect is the same like with old camera. I have to conclude that ez-b is broken, not the camera
But it was tested on my mobile device also with the same issue: #40 in history of this thread
Well that sucks... I guess you'll need to EZ Robot again contact us
I think that I'll send back everything for any testing process, because I did everything that I could and yes it sucks;)
This is not being said to diminish your frustration, which I highly sympathize with. It is more to help others who may see this thread and think there is a larger problem.

Every electronic product (or even non electronic product) that is shipped will have some out-of-box failures regardless of how good the quality control and manufacturing are. I was in a market research group from Verizon for 10 years, where they sent us phones (smart and dumb) every few months just before or just after they were released to get our feedback. This was not Beta testing, but production ready devices that they hoped we would talk about and review online, as well as provide feedback to them on a private forum to help them make decisions for future devices.

There were 50 active members. Every time we got a new phone, at least one member would have one that wouldn't work at all, and one or two others would experience serious hardware or software issues that the rest of us didn't see (this doesn't include the fact that we always found bugs that should never have made it past Beta, but that is a different conversation). So, basically, we were seeing a 6% failure rate on phones from the top manufacturers in the world, and we were assured by our contacts at Verizon, that this was not unusual.

I used to work for a company that makes hardware and software for the Contact Center industry. We developed a new T1 card, and our Alpha and Beta testing went great, but when we went to manufacturing, we were seeing a >20% failure rate in fixture testing (where we test the card just before boxing it for shipping to customers). Of the 80% that passed, we still had about a 5% first 6 month failure rate at customers, so we had to redesign the card to make it easier to manufacture correctly.

The fact that EZ-B has shipped thousands of EZ-B's v4's and we have only heard reports here of 3 or 4 that needed to be returned, I think is phenomenal. If I didn't already know the level of quality and support from EZ-Robotics from having some V3's, I would have waited for the second manufacturing run before ordering to let them work out the kinks, but I am very happy to have pre-ordered given the low likelihood that I will experience a problem when my Roli arrives.

Thanks a lot for cheering me up and I understand the complicated process of manufacturing, but It Is sad that I'cant realy diagnose the failure because debug log in this case is useless and I don't have another option to test the hardware more exactly. I should replace all (ez-b and camera) during the first try. Now I really don't know if I should wait for Jeremie's (from techical support) opinion or send it back to ez-robot - it's realy confusing me
Hey @Fisha,

Definitely Contact Us again and reference this thread and we will get you a replacement EZ-B and we'll have you send one of your cameras and the EZ-B in question back to us.
I would like to say that the real problem was in faulty ez-b - the new one is working excellent with all cameras that I've got for testing. Thank you guys for help and of course ezrobot crew for replacing ez-b:)