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Firmware Update Question

I got anther board to troubleshoot my first one. However, this board needs a firmware update. It won't update though.
Here is the debug report:

Firmware Updater Version: 2013.02.02.00
2/10/2013 6:37:04 AM - Begin
Attempting connection on COM4
EZ-B reports EZ-B Firmware V12

Any ideas? I can't get it to work on ARC without it.


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That's a brand new board?

I think you're connected to the wrong COM port
I bought it from another member. The other COM ports don't connect as this one does.
I did try the newer BT on my old board and using the same COM port and I got this from debug.

Firmware Updater Version: 2013.02.02.00
2/10/2013 6:39:38 AM - Begin
Attempting connection on COM4
EZ-B reports EZ-B Firmware V16
Your EZ-B has the latest firmware. There is no need to update.

I know I must be making a wrong assumption on something.
I've removed both EZ-B devices and added only the one I need firmware change and now its COM5.
Here is the screenshot of the device if it helps.
User-inserted image

If I switch the BT board to my older EZB it connects to COM5 in EZ_Builder.
I think i have a solution for you. It seems the update from v12 to v16 might be a big jump. I'll release an update in a few minutes.
Wow. Thank you!

UPDATE: Latest download fixed my problem! Thanks DJ!