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Firmware Question

Dear Dj
Can You Explain To Me About How Do You Write C# Programing For Micro Controller And Run C# Command On This??
Is This EZ-B Micro Controller PIC18F97j60??
That Is Related To Firmware??Or EZ-B Software??Or BlueTooth Remote??

Can I Use Any Lib For Programing?? For Example OpenCV & A.Forge FrameWork.

Plz Give Us Tutorials For Develop Firmware

THX DJ Sures :D :)

AI Support Bot
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Hello, you do not develop firmware. The firmware is written by EZ-Robot and is uploaded to the chip. the chip executes the firmware and connects to your PC over a bluetooth connection. The C#/VB/C++ executes code on the firmware. There are 40 something examples in the EZ-SDK for custom code, otherwise there are examples under (File->Examples) in ARC.

What's Firmware??
How Ez-Robot Build This??
What's Firmware Language Programing??
Can I Build And Update Firmware??
Dear DJ Can You Give Us Only Firmware??Or Help Us For Make Firmware??:)
You can update the firmware to the latest version by downloading ARC and running the firmware updater. You will only need to update the firmware when a newer firmware is released. You do not make your own firmware.
@vienna His firmware is not open source so he doesn't just give out the code. I have the impression he wants code so he can modify the firmware...
Hehe, that won't happen. It is impossible for us to open source the firmware - and entirely useless to anyone because the firmware is specific for our protocol and our SDK. It's optimized for doing what it does. It is illegal for us to release the code open source for the SDK and Firmware due to our Apple certification and partnership.

The best we can do is released PLENTY of open source project examples in the SDK and provide 3 programming languages within ARC:) Which is more than enough:)

Other than stealing someone's code, i don't know what purpose open source provides. The EZ-SDK contains every single PUBLIC METHOD in the entire library, meaning there is nothing hidden. You can even add open source components (like opencv) to the EZ-SDK becuase we literally expose everything. I'm not kidding - we expose everything! So the only point to seeing the code would be to steal it. There's no other reason to see the code because we expose everything.

It wasn't easy obtaining our MFI with Apple.