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Firebase Plugin Questions

hello everyone, so I'm trying to make a firebase real time database plugin, but when I build the project I don't see .dll file in bin/debug; instead, I keep getting .exe file in the bin/debug folder so I can't put anything in the dll brackets of .xml file.

I also get this warning so I was wondering if it could be the reason somehow:

warning MSB3277: Found conflicts between different versions of "Newtonsoft.Json" that could not be resolved. These reference conflicts are listed in the build log when log verbosity is set to detailed.

anyone know how to solve this issue? confused


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Ignore the warning

Please follow the instructions in the plugin tutorial. There's too many things it could be that's causing the plugin from not showing up. You need to follow each step of the tutorial. Do not skip a step. Here is a link to the tutorial: https://synthiam.com/Community/Tutorials/146/1


I did follow the instructions, I repeated them like million times but it did not work. but don't worry I reinstalled visual studio and followed the instructions again and it finally worked! :D

I was wondering, is there a function that decide when the ARC should start when I debug my project in visual? because I noticed in the project properties, and in the debug page; we should set the start action to "start external program" and pick ARC program. but what I want is that I need to read first data from the database and then start the ARC. so how can I accomplish this?


You cant. The plugin works in ARC. There’s no reason you can’t read the data while the plugin is running in ARC. Revisit the architecture design of your application


@IPIA_KU You can create a test project add your plugin. And start your test project when you are debugging your plugin: User-inserted image Test project: TestPlugin.BaseTemplate.EZB

Saves time, less point and click when you are debugging your plugin.