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Feature Requests - Servo Profiles

I suspect this is already on the todo list, but.....

Could we get a script command to load a named servo profile on project start (or a function to always load the same profile for a given project)?

Alternately, or perhaps in addition, can we add the ability to specify a servo profile in the shortcut builder?

I have built a short-cut to my Roli project so I can start ARC and load my project in one click. However, when I start ARC this way, I am not prompted to load my servo profile. Since I would always be loading the same one for that project anyway, I find the prompting to load the profile to be redundant anyway, but since I need to go through several extra steps when loading ARC and my project from a shortcut, it is even more irritating.



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yes this will be a good idea, to load in a script a servo profile!

Or is this today possible?