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@djsures Any progress on extending the displayed waitforspeech menu from 4 to ten-ish and reducing font size?

And I would love to have a dedicated variable that indicated if a software update was available on the web so my BOT can advise me..... I know there is a block available but the bot telling me itself would be cool!


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Thanks for the suggestions :)


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Good Morning EZ-Scripters ! Feature Requests

Rich, Thank You for Scripting Examples !

I had been requesting something like in previous EZ-Forum Posts.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Good Morning Fellow EZ-Robot Scripters !

Is anyone available to colaborate on EZ-Scrpts and write simple Test Code Examples to become familar with Using the EZ-Script Instruction Set ?

In response to I have some time on my hands and nobody seems to be asking questions at the moment , would you please consider letting ARC Connect to the PC's generic RS-232 COM1, just for testing purposes ?

I realize that defeats the sale of EZ-B's, but it sure would make troubleshooting Roomba Scripts Easier.

I really like the NEW Active Debug Window and IT's Always Show Feature !

Thank You All, & Best Wishes From Phoenix,, 602-246-1246(H)


I have a feature request. It would be nice if we could edit the details information of our custom ez-bits as opposed to having to recreate them if you want to make changes to their names or descriptions.

Thanks :)


@Antron007 second that

New Zealand

Hi @DJSures

Yes I know .... there are hundreds of features to add... and I very much appreciate your hard work.... but it is the squeeky wheel that gets oiled - usually!

I just wanted to resurrect this feature request thread to raise awareness for the waitforspeech modification.

Am hoping that the listed items it displays can be extended from four to around ten-ish with auto text sizing according to the number of items being displayed...

As always ... EZ-B is awesome in its awesomeness! lol.

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