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Feature Request For Addition And Division Of Arrays

Hi DJ,

I would like make a feature request to do array addition and division so I'll be able to do DSP for things like vibration signature analysis to test faulty metal parts.


I suspect it may be a little late in the game now, but here's a very well developed open source scripting language that's quite similar to ARC that could be customized for robotics:

Thank you very much,



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I'm surprised that doesn't already work? Strange! Should be an easy fix. I'll take a look for you



Have you had any luck using AHKscript to do mouse clicks type on Windows 8 64 bit? It works fine for me on 32 bit and on Windows 7 either 32 or 64, but I have had no luck on my 64 bit machine. It will start applications and do file manipulation, but won't do any screen interaction.




Thanks mate!

TEchGuru, Yes I have with windows 8 which is not to be confused with Win 8.1+ . The trick with Windows 8.1+ is you have to run the scripts as administer or it won't click on guis or manipulate data files. You'll have to compile your scripts first, right click and select run as admin, or create a shortcut with the run as admin properties checked in the advanced option.

Yeah! I was almost completely able to withhold a 3 page ranting dump about Windows 8+! I'm getting better now. I know it! :)

Hope that helps,



I'll give it a try. I think I already tried run as admin, but not compiled scripts.

I am looking forward to Windows 10 and hope it is as good as the early reviews indicate. 8.1 has been very frustrating.



I spoke too soon about the divide by zero error being the cause. After removing zeros from the equasion it just made a few iterations before it started throwing the "Error on line 19: Variable is an array: $MvAvgTouch".




*Note: removed the duplicate thread.

This is fixed in the next release of ARC, which may be tonight - depends on my travels. I am on the plane right now heading to Boston and fixed the bug. For example, the new ARC will do this as expected...

definearray($array, 10, 1)

$answer = (($array[0] + $array[1] ) + 2) / 2