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Faulty Left Ankle Servo

I have just received my new JD this week and immediately with switching on I had a problem with the left ankle moving to to max position and jittering. I tried to compensate by adjusting the profile without success. It has now been confirmed that port 14 on the control unit is faulty... I temporarily plugged the left knee into port 14 and it goes immediately to max. I now have a burnt out servo in the left ankle and while everything else works OK I can't walk or do anything else which requires the legs. Can someone please contact me ASAP about what I need to do to replacement parts? Dave. @Bonepole mad sick confused


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Hi! Super bummer to hear about the servo. Use the Contact Us to reach customer support. You can find the Contact Us link at the bottom of the website footer or press it here in my message where it is underlined above.

United Kingdom

Thankyou for the quick reply I will contact customer support right now.