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Fault With Right Lower Leg

Dear Sir

my recently purchased robot, (humanoid) has developed a fault. when ever I turn it on and connect it to my mobile divice it`s right foot (lower limb) seems to be positioned at a 45 degree angle upwards. When I click on the pose button it says it is at the 90 degree angle it should be at. When I change it on the pose button as soon as I click a different icon eg: wave the lower right leg goes back to its original 45 degree angle.

      l   <-- what the leg looks like when it should be l
     /                                                                                   l

yours Mr A lavender


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Geez Alan do you have mind control over your keyboard? LOL


@Richard I gave you a whole 7 minutes to answer;)

Actually, was my first time on the forum in hours. Got back from back to back to back to back meetings and needed a little break.

At least we gave the same answer.



I'm far too slow for this one - darn you both beat me to it!


@Alan... actually go this one... I have the day off and have been 3d printing all afternoon so I have no excuse for being slow...

To be honest... I want to start paying for my stuff from ez robot like everyone else... Even though the CAD$ is like half the value of the US$... eek ... Speaking of cheap Canadian stuff... Will you Yanks start buying our cheap oil instead of getting it from the middle east? We're hurtin' up here man...:P


Haha - your 3d printers must be more reliable than mine... the days we 3d print, it means baby sitting!


@DJ... I am using my Up Plus 2.... It has built nearly 2 inMoovs and is still going strong... IMHO it's the best abs printer out there... Anyway, sorry about the thread jack...

To the OP... your problem is an easy fix... you will be up and running soon... have fun...:)


Guess these threads aren't that bad - we can use them to hijack and have conversations lol. Soon i will have time to modify the new thread page to ask questions as Alan has identified. We'll see a lot less of these threads. Well, not that there are very many. 99.9% of users use the Learn section correctly. The number of threads like this are super low.