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Fastest Way To Bring Omnibot 2000 Back To Life With Ez Robot?

I have an Omnibot 2000 that I'd like to try to bring to life with EZ Robot. I can see that several folks have done this and am hoping someone can point me in the direction of the fastest/most basic approach.

I'd like to find a way to use the existing gearbox/motor, but (if possible) to improve the motors in the neck and shoulder (and if possible, activate the left shoulder). Would also like to connect a few sensors and operate from an iPhone.

Aiming at a 'starter' suggestion of what to buy for power, controller, etc. to get started - and what to do.

Many of the projects posted are very cool, but not realistically within my capability. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

Also, is it possible to purchase replacement tires for these robots?
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I would go through the numerous omnivore projects on the forum, and build parts lists.

First thing I would do is strip out all the old electronics, except the motors and the other things you want to keep.

Ideally you would use a lipo battery if your running lots of motors, or a Ni-Mh if you want it to run for a long time. Choose a higher mah rating is possible. I think a 2.5amp motor controller can manage those motors, but not sure.

I think everyone or most people change the arms to servos. Better control that way. Same for the neck I believe. It's your task to convert it.

A year or 2 ago a guy was remaking the tires. He is gone now I believe, but if the old tires are still alright you could try making silicone molds of the tires and putting stretchy silicone in them.
I was making the tires, I am still around.:) I have one omnibot project i am willing to sell but I am going to do another one.