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Fantastic Customer Service

After four months @DJSures, last Tuesday, I had finally saved up enough $NZ money to order three more EZ-B boards including shipping.

Why so long to save... You see my wife and I for the sake of marital bliss agreed to give ourselves $25 each a week and call it our happy money... We do what we like with it and don't have to feel guilty when we spend it on ourselves (Projects like world robotic domination...)

Anyway I placed my order with excitement and then hunkered down for the four or five week wait for them to arrive here in New Zealand.

Well they arrived this morning... Now that has to be a record.

A six day turn around!

Big ups team !

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PS. Why the extra boards you ask? Well for the last six months I've been building my robotic minions but I keep getting distracted by some another robotic idea/project of mine so I've pulled the older project apart to make room for the new idea.... and never actually finished either.... Now I hope to actually finish something I have started!

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that's excellent! I'm super glad to hear the good news. Thank you for sharing


Nice we look forward to seeing your creations!

New Zealand

You're on @jstarne1


This company is great. I too just received excellent customer service and my ez-robot kit and everything I wanted are on the way. Alan Campbell is the man!


alan deserves props! he does rock:)