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Saudi Arabia
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Facial Tracking Question

I have finished building my Wall-e and put all things together correctly. When I asked to follow my face the controlcommand("soundboard", track_7) started successfully but after detecting my face the controlcommand("bad", scriptstart) triggered and ends the tracking mod !.
Why is this happening ? did I missed something guys ?


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I'd be happy to tell you. But, I don't really know. I am sure it is something simple.
Hey Meshal, make sure you're running the latest version of ARC:) There was a bug a few releases ago that caused bizarre tracking scripts to execute.
Saudi Arabia
Hi DJ, I downloaded the newest version and still getting the same issue :(. The face tracking works fine if I created a NEW project.
Maybe check the drop down box for the number of detected frames. Compare that value against the value in the project.
Saudi Arabia
In Big-Walle example, The "Number of frames before execute script" was set to 1, and if I increase this number to (10 -default value) it will improve the face/motion/color tracking but will get less response at the begining.