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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Face Recognition With Object Tracking

Face Recognition:

Is anyone else using object recognition for faces? I would like a way to identify an individual face using OR and have my robot speak the name of the person. I've seen it mentioned, but there is no real tutorial on it.
EZ-Face won't work for my project because I am using the EZ camera.

Programming Custom Haar:

I've looked at the documentation, and I can't find any way to programmatically check the 'custom haar' box in face tracking. I am using the opencv haar cascades and would like to give the voice command to start face tracking with haar, without having to manually check the 'custom haar' box. I'd like to do the same thing with the multi-color check box.

Really appreciate the help.


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Use the ControlCommand() for ez-script. find out more in the activities section. learn how to use the ControlCommand() and you'll be an ARC wizard.

The ControlCommand() is also referenced in the camera manual. It can be accessed by pressing the ? (question mark) next to the (x) close button
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Awesome, thanks. I'm still running into a problem using object recognition to recognize faces. Is there a simple way to get OR to recognize faces and speak the names of the face it recognizes?
The AI has presented tutorials above that answer your question. You can extract what you need to do from those tutorials.

Mark this question as complete. Thanks!:D

Ps, also a fan of invader zim
Right on, thanks.
Any time!:D

If you have further trouble - ask the question more specifically without combining two questions in one. For example, if you post a request to simply ask how to have a script identify what object was detected and speak a phrase, that is a more specific question. Someone will be able to assist with that

We're working toward combing/linking questions with products, features and controls to build the support robot A.I. intelligence. You know, to put people out of jobs lol
You know I'm just not seeing where I'm able to enable Custom Haar via a script or blockly.
Controlcommand() is what you use to programmatically change the checkbox state. Click on the word ControlCommand() in this reply. Read about it. Voila!
Yes, I've read that page thoroughly. I don't see any ControlCommand() for Custom Haar, everything else is covered, CH is the only control missing.
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Look through the camera list in the cheat sheet
I did and it's not in there... That's why I took a picture so you could see that it isn't there...
By the way, I just wanted to say, that what you've done here, is a dream come true. Thank you so much for making this happen, I've been pulling my hair out with Raspberry Pi, and Arduino for years. When I found this site, I just about flipped out. The EZB V4 is a miracle. You are a real master of the art.
No need to create a new thread - i'm looking into this for you and will get back to you in this thread:)

Thanks again for the kind words!
Latest update renames the ControlCommand to be easily identified for HAAR tracking.

Make sure you read the disclaimer in the camera device manual page because HAAR is super cpu intensive and not recommended.

You're much better off using object tracking. Train multiple objects and recognize which object was detected by the variable. All camera control variables are viewable in the camera control settings menu. That's by pressing the gear on teh camera control to view the settings. OR by simply adding the variable watcher and see what variables exist during your program.
Great, thanks for fixing the issue so quickly. I need haar for an experiment I'm doing with Tensorflow.