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Hum, did I get a special version? lol My ARC does face recognition already. Pretty cleanly too.


I think what @Tymtravler is referring to is a facial recognition function that can tell the difference between one person and another. Facial recognition in ARC at the moment can tell that you are human but not the difference between you versus a stranger using facial features, landmarks, etc.

While I haven't heard any talk of this kind of feature being worked on you never know what DJ will pull out of his bag of tricks next, he's always surprising me with the features he pulls into ARC!


Just for clarification, I believe the terms are "face detection" and "face recognition." The latter meaning to recognize individual faces and store the information.


You can use "Custom Haar" detection to recognize one custom object, which could theoretically be a face. You'll need to use OpenCV or another application to create the Haar XML file of your face. If you need to distinguish between multiple different faces, it isn't available within ARC yet. I am not very familiar with OpenCV, but you cuold probably use it to write to a file when it recognizes and have a script looking for the file, or any number of other integration methods that have been discussed for getting data from outside apps into ARC.



Thanks @Danger! I was looking for some good terms to describe the differences between them but I completely blanked, you nailed it.