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F-30 Revolution Six Vs. Six Hexapod

Please, does anyone know the difference between the Six with " F-30" and without? Thank you very much for answering. have no idea why this one has F-30 i n the name. wonder if it is different. It is my first EZ Robot or any Robot buy so have no idea if the F-30 means something or it is just an old name.

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Hello @lulu

F-30 is the part number for Six (the hexapod robot kit).

If you are wondering about the difference between the Six that came in the box you've shown in your picture versus what is sold now, here are the differences:

  • The current Six has HDD (Heavy Duty Digital) servos which replaced the analog servos

  • The current Six has the EZ-Bv4.x/2 robot controller, this is the second revision of the WiFi board which has faster data throughput, and an updated webserver with more options

  • The current Six has the 3rd version of our Battery charger which is smarter and than previous versions

I hope that helps!


Thank you very much, so "F-30 Revolution Six 6 Wi-Fi Wireless Control Hexapod Android iOS" would be an old version. Is it worth buying for the parts if they still work with current parts? otherwise the poor thing would probably become plastic recycle. Really appreciate your help.

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Yes, all the parts are backward compatible with the new parts and would still operate just fine in the latest ARC.


great, thanks. then i can rescue the old one and it would serve as parts for a new one. some well meaning adult probably got it for a kid who was totally uninterested and didn't even open the box.


Jeremie, I found another one, please could u let me know if this is a new one? Thank you very much.

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If the servos say HDD on them, it’s the latest version


wow DJ! HD is not same a HDD then...?

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Hi @lulu,

The HD servo is analog, versus HDD which is digital. The Analog servos will still work just fine, the differences being: Digital is quieter and requires less fine tuning.


Also - the EZ-B may not be the latest version. You can tell when connecting to it via ARC. It'll say if it is an EZ-B v4.x/2 in the connection debug window


thanks, it does not says HD OR HDD....

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You are not going to be able to tell from the box. You need to open it and see the label on the servos.



OMG i can't get to a store, have to do all online. thank you guru! only found this info which i don't understand....

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As far as I know the packaging was not updated when the servos and EZ-B version were updated. The only way to know for sure you are getting the newer versions is to order from EZ-Robot. If you are trying to get a good deal from a less expensive seller, than you get what you pay for... The original version works fine, just the new servos are quieter and stronger and a bit more robust, the new EZ-B has a lot of features useful for DIY robots, but if you are just running SIX as designed, it is fine. EZ-B has upgrades to both available at reasonable prices.



not about price, they are all the same, but items from china over 40 dollars there is tax, makes it very hard to send as a gift because the receiver has to deal with paying for import tax before getting the box.