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Ezb_Connect C# Component

Hi All,
I have a rusty programmer question for anyone willing to answer (it's been about 8 years since I did anything serious with C#).
I can follow most of the stuff DJ has put together in the first couple tutorials, but I can't figure out how to add his EZB_Connect component to a form. Is there some sort of import of his controls into the tool box from his DLL?
I'm using VS 2010 express, not having any problems with building, just don't know the graphical layout to well.

Thanks for any help



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add ezb.dll to referances
make sure that the frame net is 3.0
also on program: using EZ_B;
if followed DJs examples know to add dll to the tool bar by adding tab
also there is a build restriction that must be unchecked
Hi orwnic82
I'm sure I have the DLL referenced correctly as I can build DJ's Tutorial code projects. I'm not sure I understand what else you have mentioned, and I think I may not be explaining what I need to know correctly so I thought I would take a screenshot to help with that.
In all the Tututorials that I have looked at DJ has a EZB_Connect component on the Form1.cs, when you look in the matching code for the form you see that it was added like if you add a button or other windows controls. I assume via drag and drop on a form which I think should be in the tool box. I'm just wondering how one would add this here. Hope the picture helps.
User-inserted image

Right click in your toolbar and select Add.

Then choose Browse and select the EZ_SDK.DLL

Then select the items you wish to add.

Press OK

Now the EZ_SDK components will be included in your toolbar. Also, when add a EZ_Connect component, the references and USING statements will be added automatically.:)
Hi DJ,
Thanks for the help, I acutually did this a bit different, but got the same result.
I selected Menu "Tools->Choose Toolbox items" Then clicked Browse Button on .NET tab and selected your DLL.
That gave me 5 awesome components in the toolbox:)

This C# stuff is slowly coming back for me.