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You must be aware of how much power is being provided to the EZ-B v4 and what you are connecting to the I/O pins. For example, the EZ-Robot Servos do not like power above 7.4 volts - which is why we recommend using Rechargeable AA batteries in the provided holder. If you are wishing to use an alternate power source, please be aware of this message and select a voltage rating that works with your application.

*Note: The only ports that have regulated power are for the Camera, i2c and UART #0 Expansion.

The SCI power pins only provide 500 milliamps at 17 volts. Most hardware attached to the EZB(4) like servos will require much more that half an amp, more like 5 or 6 amps. If the Roomba SCI power is used it will trip the Roomba SCI fuse and shutdown the EZB(4)
I used an adjustable voltage regulator to wire in my V4 to the roomba... However, I have only the EZB4 and camera attached... no servos...