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Ezb V4 And Robosapien - Is It Supported? Possible?

I've just received my developers kit and I'm really pleased with the initial experience - easy to set and play with camera etc

However, I originally ordered based on the v3 dev kit late in 2013 and acquired a robosapien v1 ready to get going - now from what I can gather from some of the other forum posts that I can't use the v4 board with the Robosapien? is that correct?

Is it impossible to integrate the v4 board with the robosapien in the same way as the older board ? - is that some kind of technical limitation? or just EZ-Robot don't have resources to support or keep scripts up to date?

If its not a hardware limitation how would I go about porting the commands to the v4 board - I couldn't see how the various robosapien commands (raise arm etc) are configured - ie how would I script switching the digital port on and off in the correct sequence/timing to simulate the IR remote?

I'm a c# developer so pretty comfortable coding a solution - is it a case that I need to do that rather than try and integrate via the ARC software?

Thanks in advance for any help



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I don't know why support was dropped for the Robosapien or even if it's possible to add it to the V4. However, if you are after a V3 EZ-B I would be willing to let one go to a good home, feel free to drop me an email (address in my user details) if interested.


The robosapien support was deprecated in the eZb v4 and will not be compatible. There are too many hardware versions of the robosapien which caused major support issues for us. 1 of 5 robosapien would work only.