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Ezb Not Showing On Tablet

Wondering if anyone has had this issue. I have a Dell Venue 8 Tablet with Windows 8 installed. It seems that the V4's wifi signal will not show up on the tablet. Yet the tablet connects to my wifi network just fine. Also, I happen to have two other Dell laptops with Win7 and the V4 connects up just fine with them.
Anyone else have a similar issue with this type of tablet maybe?


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Yes, I remember reading about that here. The tablet even seems to have issues with its Bluetooth (connects then disconnects a second later). In the ling run I may just look to get another tablet type, I believe one of the Acer tablets seems to work great with the V4?


I use an Acer W3 810. A lot of people do here, and since it is a couple of years old, they can be found pretty cheap on eBay.

There are newer faster ones, and the screen resolution is a little low, so you need to be prudent with your EZ-B project in order to best use the screen real-estate you have.

It upgraded fine to Windows 10, with a little manual intervention. The automatic system check indicated there was a video driver issue, but a little research online showed me that there really isn't, so I was able to download and upgrade to Windows 10 without issue, just not from Windows Update.


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Just to echo what Alan has said, I use an Acer W3 and it works really well with ARC. So much so, I will get another one for my current project. I bought my first W3, reconditioned, for £100 ($155 US).


Glad to see ths post. I was thinking if getting one of those tablets. Npt now.


Great, thanks all. I now plan on looking into getting one of those Acers.:D