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Ezb Not Chowing On Iphone Wifi

i have a new ezb and david help me connected. problem is now i cant see the ezb on my iphone so i cant connect, ez builder mobile.any ideas anyone

thank you


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I take it you are talking about the iPhone app? Now you have the new EZ-B connected, have you re-saved your ARC projects that connect to this EZ-B to the cloud with your new v4's IP address?


yes iphone app and saved in cloud.

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You can try resetting the phone by pressing and holding the power button and home button together until you see the Apple logo, and you can try and reinstall the iPhone app to see if that solves the issue.


Patrick, is the phone connected to your WiFi or your carrier? If the EZ-B is in client mode on your router, you need to have the phone using WiFi and connect to the IP address of hte EZ-B assigned by the router. If your EZ-B is in AP mode, then you need to connect the phone to the EZ-B's WiFi and connect to



alan connect with wifi

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Have you managed to connect your phone and v4 yet buddy?


you not going to believe this.the connection with pc and ezb dont stay. its alredy red led again.

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I have to ask, is the battery charged? Also has the mac address filtering changed to "On" again?

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the mac is not on again.i do see ap on engenius.

batt is full


ah thanks for telling


just home from work. I will contact you. Send me the team viewer info through skype.


david cohran has bin like a ghost in my pc. he explain the complete iphone ,how it works.

thank you very much

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So what was the problem then, and how was it fixed?


steve g

when your in client mode the ezb is not chowwing on iphone. only when you reset and go to ap mode you will see it. david changed some things on the engenius,i cant explain it.


Everything that was changed was to set the engenius router back to more factory default settings. For example, the router would look for open channels about every 1/2 day and choose the least congested channel. This has been disabled. The access point was also scheduled to reboot itself everyday at 4 AM. I removed this schedule also.

What got his iPhone back on the network was dropping the wifi connection on the iPhone and re-adding it. I have had to do this before with IOS, android and windows phones. Something gets messed up in these devices from time to time and the only way that I have ever found to fix the issue is to remove the network connection settings for that wifi connection and re-add them.


@nomadTMBS I have all Android devices, but I find that, in client mode, I can connect to my JD with all 3 of my devices at the same time. PC, Cell Phone, And Tablet. And control it from any or all of them, also at the same time. Doesn't always work flawlessly since one of them may tend to disconnect unexpectedly. Nor is it particularly good thing to do, but it is interesting that it can be done at all.

The thing is I won't "see" JD on either my cell or tablet when I look under WiFi. Not when everything is in client mode, which is what I have set up. Neither will you. That is normal. What you have to do is go directly to the Connection screen in your in the ARC portable app running on your cell phone and type in your robot's IP address. Then touch connect.

Before you do all that, however, you need to load the appropriate app (project file) from the phone itself, or the cloud, for the robot you wish to control. But you probably know that. :)

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Thanks for explaining. I've never had this kind of problem with my Virgin super hub 2 and iPhones in client, but it's good to know what to do if I do have an issue in the future. Truth be told, I don't really use the iOS AP very much, and use a VPN remote app instead. That way I can control all of "ARC for a Windows" using WiFi or Cellular connections, but the info you have supplied is still good to know.


I'm pleased you have everything sorted out now.:)


goodmorning averyone.

i dont use the mobile app often.mostly win7. wbs thanks for the tip.

d.cohran thanks for explaining,am not good in this.


I had not had this issue until a couple of years ago with cell phone wifi connections. I've only seen it a few times but have seen it on android, ios and windows phones. I mainly sa it at work which uses some cisco wifi AP's. I have seen it one time on my wife's iPhone and once on her ipad. The sad thing is that I see it so rairly that it isn't a solution that pops into my mind quickly. I always first look at the AP and work backwards from there until I get back to the device that can't connect about 2 hours into trying to figure out what is happening.

Anyway, it's fixed and his iPhone is back on the network. His setup is unique in that he has 2 access points. He was able to connect to one of his access points but not the one his robots use. This told me the device wifi radio was working. Killing the connection was his ultimate solution which worked and he was able to get right on after that.