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Ezb Jd With Attention Spotter

In a collaboration between Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and University of Southern Denmark we've been working to get an attention spotter to run with the EZ-B JD. The spotter which originally was developed for the iCub robot, uses an Asus Xtion 3D sensor to track a human and any objects that come close.

Here's a short video of our work:

The spotter connects to the robot via yarp and two python modules. These modules are now available on GitHub:

In the near future we plan to use this setup to study how people interact with the JD.


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@larschrjensen Thanks for sharing!

Unfortunately, the video link doesn't seem to be working.

*edit* Works now! Not sure what happened there but I reached an error page many times, but it seems to be ok now.
Video link works for me - that's real neat! I'm looking forward to seeing the study results of how people interact with JD. Let us know how we can help!
@Jeremie yes I've been getting similar reports from other places. I'll look into it.

@DJ I'll keep you posted:)