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Ezb In Cold Temps

Just wondering how well the EZB-4 can handle the frigid cold outdoors as I am bored with all the snow we are getting here,saw some conversion vids on changing Monster RC trucks into Monster snow sleds and I,m hooked on doing this as long as I can snow proof the body but it can still get icy cold out here.


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Okay thanks Richard,will give it some study,I am looking at some products to water proof the electronics and bottom,seems to work good for water and even better for snow,will try it out with my spare Rad robot I have in the back room,remove the top body and just use the bottom Tank part as a sled. If it works out then I will use my bigger Monster truck frame.There is a video showing how to water proof RC electronics at Also found a more simple method for you guys that want to fly your drones in the rain or snow (seems a bit crazy,LOL!).....


Those are unbelievable and crazy videos. Who would have thought it! eek


Ha right Dave, my friend Ernie got me into these RC snow machines. It turns out his cousins were Formula snowmobile champions back in the 80's running these 800 horsepower Formula snowmobiles that are banned today as too dangerous many deaths in the sport. They were not the ordinary snowmobiles like today,the engine was gigantic and had a side compartment to contain them! The Formula one race car teams did this for winter time racing against famous race car drivers.89 was the last year for those insane snow machines. So now they just build them for fun running crazy snow machines radio controlled and smaller replicas.How cool it would be to make one smart and control with cell phone using EZ b system! :D


Seems to work in sub freezing temps fine


Right on, good to know, I am working on water proofing a slower snow machine but thinking about upgrading to the water proof brushless motors with higher speeds.


Lowest I have had it in is about 12 degrees F with 70 percent humidity , inside a Robot shelters from direct moisture