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United Kingdom
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Ezb Dll's For Net Framework 2

I need the same dll's for the ez robot but that can be used in a net 2 framework. The only functions I need are for servo operations. Is there one out there or can anyone help.


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Is there any reason you can not update your system to framework 3 , its free and will happen automatically if you are doing your windows updates.
If you are using the older sdk and .dll with the date of 1.29.13 you must have .NET framework 4.0. If you have the sdk and .dll with the date of release 1.21.14 (the current one) you must have .NET framework 4.5. There is no work around for that.
Rock on Justin , ya free and easy to get , no reason not to upgrade. Also when you do .net ver 2 is still on your system and your work using it will still run ok.