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Ezb Camera Window Partly Not Displayed

I just added EZB camera and its control window to my robot and made some tests.

The definition was 320x640 and it was not possible to modify it (the definition select slider was grey, and didn't operate). After several trials shutting off and re-starting EZB it began to work. It seems that sometimes it doesn't work. (A bug ?).

Then I tested the full screen option. It worked , but when I restored the small window , the upper part of the camera window was no more accessible. It was hidden under the upper command bar , so many buttons (device, tracking,.... start) were no more accessible . Only what's under "video settings" is now accessible. Even re starting EZB I couldn't solve the problem. It's not possible the move the window with the mouse. It can only be enlarged or made smaller.

What can I do ?


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Restarting the application clears aware an strange screen sizing errors for me. That might work for you as well. Also using the Auto Arrange from the tool bar might help.


You can only change the resolution when the camera is not activated, like all camera software. Press the STOP button to deactivate the camera. Once deactivated, you can change the resolution.

Please press the ? Question mark on the camera control to read about high resolution image processing and CPU challenges. Ensure your system can handle it and that your project accepts the performance degrade.

Also, it may sound like your window needs to be resized. You can click on the corner border of a window and drag the mouse to resize the window. This is a feature of Microsoft Windows. Resizing a window is a common exercise. If you are new to windows operating system, there may be some tutorials online.

Lastly, if you lose a window behind the top ribbon menu, press SMART ARRANGE. This will arrange the windows on the desktop for you.

You may also use the scroll bar to slide the viewport of the window contents. Scroll bars are a way for windows to move information within a container.

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OK, DJ. It's solved. Smart Arrange it's the only option that extracts a window from under the top ribbon menu. Any attempt to operate with the mouse on borders/corners would resize the window, but can't move the whole window down , making its upper part accessible, as needed to use all the buttons. If you use the full screen option, and restore the screen, you have to use Smart Arrange every time , otherwise the window will hide under the ribbon menu .


This also happens to me. A Smart Arrange seems to be the only way to get the top of the box back losing your layout.