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Ezb Camera And Case Trouble

Having a little trouble with fitting my EZB camera into case. As you can see in the pic below ( sorry it's the best shot I could get), the camera will not go any further down because of the round cylinder thing just below the lens. The cylinder is soldered to the board by not much more then a fine tread wire and I'm afraid trying to push it further will damage the camera. Has anyone else run into this?

User-inserted image


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can you try to place it first in the other part off the case.


User-inserted image if you firstly put the lens through the upper case then offer the two parts together taking care to line the plastic lugs (marked red) outside of the soldered connections (marked yellow) it should fit tightly good luck


yes I have similiar problem that component under lens is very proud on pcb and will not let lower casing push up over pcb I propose filing a little off lower housing otherwise I will put too much pressure on pcb


are these original cases from the cam?


I just had the same issue with a cam case I printed, Put in lens half first, its a very tight fit, but it works..


original case yes ,it was so tight had to put quiet a lot of pressure to seperate housing problem now solved there are two vertical supports on lowering housing that support the pcb ,use a harp knife and trim both very little is necessary and it will remove the pressure on that component resting in front of pcb and allow you to re assemble quite easily Pat :P