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Ezb Boor Up Time

I have a question, and it may be odd. This is for those who may have mini-cpu/ laptop, or a tablet on-board your robot.

Has anyone ever timed how long it takes for every thing on the robot to be up and running from the moment you apply power? What I mean is, and its something I always notice takes too long... You hit the power switch, your robot starts, the computer or tablet starts up... bios,windows platform, then having to point and click your ezb to wifi network settings and then finally point and click on the ezb program to get this finally going.

I find this process slow to me. Id rather have my robot up and running within seconds upon power up. I'm sure alot of this has to do with type of cpu used and setting both within windows and the EZB software. Something more automated would be great.

Just wondered if anyone else noticed this process to be slow and have ever timed it? maybe have suggestions on how to speed things up. confused


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Depends very much on the computer, but if you have a power source that can always provide a small amount of power even when being charged (like an SLA) you can sleep I stead of shut down the computer and it will come back up much faster.



Solid state hard drives also provide a substantial increase in boot performance. I'm thinking that there's likely some windows registry files you can change to skip some elements of the boot process, but I've never researched this area.


I like the sold state drives. they are fast yes. A streamlined windows would also be awesome:)


Good to know, thanks DJ:) .... so what's the latest Windows 10 tablet or laptop that's performed well with the current EZB ? I still have the Acer W3 with win8, but def want something faster now.