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Ezb 41/2 Makes Clicking Noise

Hi all, I have an ezb 41/2 that makes a clicking noise, very faint and it will not let me connect to wifi. I ordered and receive a new ezb41/2 to replace this one but wanted to see if anyone knew why.
This ezb41/2 I'm asking about has worked fine until a week or so ago.

Before I replace it I just wanted to fine out why and/or if I should also replace the bottom pice of the ezb4 first?

Thanks all, merne


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Mike, I had one of mine do this. I removed it from power and then detached everything from it and left it unplugged for a bit and then plugged it back in. I then reset it by using the button on the EZ-B and then connected to it again and reconfigured it. It started working as expected after that. I reconnected everything and it still was functioning correctly.
Thanks David, I found it was my back PIR that was causing the clicking and keeping me from connecting to my Wi-Fi not sure why the problem is solved now I've got a spare 4 1/2 which I will use later .