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Ez-Robot Survey - The Prize Winner Is.

Congratulations to Luigi Enrico Salamena from New York, USA for winning the EZ-Robot Feedback draw. Luigi chose a Revolution Roli EZ-Robot and a 3 servo Arm with Gripper as his prize.We decided to add a second for free so he could do even more with his new EZ-Robot!

Have fun building!

Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey! We received a ton of amazing feedback. Our community is the reason we have been so successful:) We shared Luigi's new prize on Facebook so he can get his friends and family into Robotics as well:)

Here's a shot of his prize!

User-inserted image


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Awesome Sauce! , Luigis Prize just got a little sweeter. , Congrats Luigi , I hope you come say hello in the community.:)
Thanks guys, I'm happy to have won.
I know EZ Robot for a long time, and I must say that with my experiments, I was able to do many things. Now with the new Robot I have in mind a big project, and as soon as it is ready, will insert the photos in the forum.
I'd like to share ideas with all the people in this community, and I hope that you love these wonderful products of technology, and I'm sure you appreciate the simplicity of use, and the endless applications.
I am an expert in electronics, computers, telecommunications, sometimes I write for a magazine electronics Italian, and I've worked in many sectors, including the military, and I must say that the components used by the EZ Robot, are all of excellent quality ', and the important thing for me and I've never had a trouble, because they are built and designed in an excellent manner.
Couldn't have gone to a better guy. Congratulations!
Hi everyone, I hope you're good!
In this period, a new project I have in mind for the new robot EZ, and when will I receive it, I will let you see the photos.
I hope to receive it soon!
South Africa
Are you guys going to have a nother competition
Thanks EZ Robot, today I received Roli!