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Ez-Robot Kit Shipping

I have emailed Ez-Robot about my order # 10-1885 on 5/10 but did not receive a reply. It status is still new order (toady is 9/10). I selected xpresspost USA hoping it will arrive before 12/10. Anybody has any idea how long it will take to arrive. i cannot find any options in the orders page even if i wanted to cancel the order, there is not option.. I am leaving USA on 14/10 morning. please anybody from EZ-Robot reply to me.


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Im not part of the ezrobot staff but I can tell you there was a chinese holiday that delayed ez robot staff from getting the chips they need to fill the last couple weeks orders. From what I understand these chips were just recieved and they are currently working to fullfill the last couple weeks orders. I understand your concerns and the time window you have at your address. Instead of spending time personally responding to the inflow of emails about order inquiries Rest assured they are working quickly as possible to get your order out.

Welcome to the EZ Robot community , we look forward to seeing your creativity.:)


Thanks @Jstarne:) As always!

Yes, because all the components of the EZ-Robot Complete Kit and EZ-B are made in china, it keeps our cost down by manufacturing in china. However, they take some serious holidays! And we have been sending out emails to inform purchasers that their order will be delayed.

However, if you contacted us using the Contact Us section... Please be aware of the disclaimer message apon submitting your message. The message states to check your junk folder. For some reason, we keep getting flagged as junk - even though we have a zero spam rating. Silly mail filters:(

I'm certain someone has responded to your message if it was sent during last week. If it was sent over the weekend, it is a Canadian holiday today and no one is checking the email. In Canada, we celebrate Thanks Giving on a different weekend than the americans. I'm not certain of why...


Thanks @Jstarne and @DJ Sures for your quick response. I really like the EZ-Robot project and I wish I will receive it before leaving USA. I hope xpresspost USA is fast enough to ship it before my departure date. I have checked my junk mail as well but I did not find any message:(.

Anyway, i hope i will receive it.. I have prepared a lot of things to use with ez-board.


I have received the auto response by the way.


Great to hear:) Was it in your junk folder? Watch for an email from Alan @ ez robot... He's the guy you'll be hearing from with any ordering questions:D


No the message came to my inbox. I sent another message today and received the auto reply but it is night there:) so i am waiting for the response. I just want to know how can I change the shipping address or cancel the order in case it will be delayed more (that is what i asked in my message). Thanks a lot @DJ for your quick response as usual:)


I found a kit in stock in I am lucky. now how can I cancel the order. They will ship the kit in 24 hours so hopefully i will receive it before i leave. I am really sorry but I am running out of time.

I hope somebody from ordering can help me in that.


Thanks a lot for your support. Alan has contacted me and he mentioned that my order will be cancelled as i requested. The kit has already been shipped from I am lucky that they have it in stock. I had some problems in making the payment but they tried many ways to make it work. finally i made the payment. They really have a very good customer service same as you.

thanks everybody.


I'm glad to be of service, i have personally rushed to the post office in the rain and sent your kit out by USPS Express Mail, it should be there by Friday or even overnight if we're lucky:). Thank you for supporting EZ-Robot platform!


Look like it is going to be there today, overnighted!:)


@Louis T, I have received my kit:) thanks a lot for your help. your service if really wonderful. can you imagine that i have received it the same day i made the order !:)

thanks a lot.


Let us know if they let you on the plane with ezb;) lol