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Ez-Robot Kit, Ebay Buster Arrived, Still Waiting For Usb Dongle

greeting all just a little update. I got the ez and Buster Monday this week 2/6 but I have been sick and did not open them untill today. been going thru the on manual video's. I don't think I can do much more until I get the usb dongle. Check out my Buster, he work but is a current hog. I had Buster hooked to my bench supply and monitor the current I can see why it comes with the warning of eating batteries. I might have lost the arm up and down , it stoped working while I was testing it.

I have a platform with 2 motor mounted on it, they have large gear boxes small motors and low current drain. When I learn how to attach pictures I will post one.

I was considering to try using the Camera usb/bluetooth and see it it would see the ez-robot board. I think I will check out some of the tutorials first I am not real clear on all the magic that cause all this to happen. I think once I do it will seem simple, but it that first time.

Back to Buster, I also found him to be noisy too. If any one is interested I would be willing to part with him. I assume this would be done off the forum, I am new here so let me know how swap and buys are handled.

DJ, you have great product going here, I am looking forward learning how to use. Thanks for the effort you and your staff have put into it.

ps I think I just found out how to upload an image, it is just to the right of this text window.:)


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@kg9dk Glad you're enjoying it!! Sorry to hear about being sick. Glad to hear you're better and off to building robots:D
@Kg9dk. Hey welcome to the community , I feel your pain over old noisy robots. I've been trying out sound deadening material . Dynamat extreme is phenomenal and thin to install everywhere. Put a couple layers on a gearbox and a strip on the actual motor , then cut out some acoustic foam and double side tape it on and call it a day! This can be done to servos to reduce thirty noise too. Just somthing I have explored. Have a great day!