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Ez-Robot Kit Alternative

hello, i have been unable to find ez-robot kit or its ez-robot bluetooth controller in the whole world and i am damn badly stucked in my project. please tell me its ALTERNATIVE, please please..:(


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There is no alternative.

News is that pre-orders of the revolution controller will be available this month.

In the mean time, keep an eye on ebay and the forums, they do pop up from time to time, I've seen two in the forums in the last month or so.


Truly, I don't know how RZ Robots can not have their product on the market for months on end. I know the new version of EZB will over the top cool and lots better then the old one but why dry up the market like this for over a half year? How many sales have they lost and how many people have lost interest or gone else where in frustration? How can EX Robots stay in business with no cash flow?

Jeepers, I've got friends right now that are interested and want to learn about this product. How can I say "There's this great platform called EZ Robot that will let your robot do everything you want it to do but you cant buy the new version till the end of the year, hopefully. Oh buy the way, the old version cant be bought either.

Sorry to sound so negative but it's the truth and it's what is happening.


I am assuming EZ-Robotics must have gotten an equity investment to allow them to operate while developing Revolution. I can't imagine the profit margins where high enough that DJ can fund all these new employees and the new office space on last year's profits alone.



I agree with all of you I would sooner buy parts from EZ Robot than Amazon! EZ Robot has been amazing. D.J. has given updates? Whats going on? When can I buy parts from the store? Steve S

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Facebook news said "EZ-Robot Revolution is coming this month!"

Comments indicate that it's pre-orders this month, but that's still great news.


Rich, Thanks for the update. EZ Robot needs better communication to its home base. Tutorials are great on EZ Robot! Always more to explore. Looking forward to new changes and updates.


First of all we would like to apologize to all existing EZ-Robot clients and for those of you who are waiting on orders.

What happened is that we completely sold out of the current kit but also had a new PCB all planned out and ready to be manufactured (EZ-Mini). We initially thought this would be a 4 week delay between ordering and actually shipping out new orders which we felt was acceptable. Right before sending everything off to be manufactured, EZ-Robot expanded and hired a load of new people. After we sat down as a new team for one of our first meetings, we came to the conclusion that the EZ-Mini was no where near as 'Revolutionary' as we would want it to be. It was basically the same as the last board,(with a few small changes) and just more compact..hardly the game breaker that we all had envisioned. Instead of releasing the EZ-Mini and a few months down the road releasing a new updated board (that would potentially upset people), we decided to scrap the EZ-Mini all together and focus all of our efforts on this new amazing board. We knew this would not sit well with those people who had already been waiting a few months for their order, but felt it would most definitely pay off when the new updated board (and full kit) arrived.

Although we have released or hinted at some new options, here are some others that we hope will be worth the wait: -32 Bit Processor -Wifi Connectivity -Digital Audio -PCB mounted speaker

  • i2c add-ons -20 Servos/Digital/Serial ports -8 Analog ports -Integrated Video -New small and faster camera with wired power -Heavy duty servos (with metal gears)

Going forward, we will be opening up the new store shortly for pre-orders and we expect the products to be shipping in November. While this seems like a long time (trust me as we feel the same way as a number of people at the office are on the same list) we feel that it will definitely be worth the wait, and we are working hard to keep the prices as competitive and affordable as possible.

We would also apologize for the lack of communication, we do our best to respond to all emails within 48 hours but sometimes its just not possible. Myself, Alan and DJ were all in China for the last week, so that has made emails quite difficult as our internet connection was quite spotty and our days were fully booked. If the interest shown by our suppliers is any hint of what is to come it should be a very exciting year for EZ-Robot.

In the meantime, if anyone has any questions you can post on the forum or email us via the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the page. By my estimate we should have the store page up and running within the next week or so that will divulge most if not all the details of our new products.

Happy Building!



Wow, thanks for the detailed update Mark.

@nomy2691 if you really can't wait, and are willing to pay full retail and whatever it costs to ship to Pakistan (which will probably get me on some watchlist) and can pay via PayPal, I have an extra EZB I could sell you since I won't be ready to use it until the new one is available. (just the board and battery holder, not a complete kit)

Contact me at if interested.


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@Mark I was wondering what was going on and about to pen a few questions in the same vein as above but now all is answered and it explains why the Office cameras were frozen.

The list of options looks amazing and certainly worth waiting for I have one question though will the existing boards 'out in the wild' be supported or at least compatible in some way with Revolution?


@winstn60 The cameras being frozen is unrelated.. its just really far down the list of 'to do's'.

The current PCB will still maintain the current functionality with ARC and could possibly work with some new functions but it is all based on the hardware required. The PCBs can work with the 'Revolution' Robots, however it will take some handy work as they have been designed with the new board in mind which is much smaller. (Ie. cut/dremel out some of the body.) It doesnt appear that anyone on the site shy's away from getting theirs hands dirty, so we hope that won't be an issue!


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The EZ-B V4 is now open to pre-order with shipping on 1st December:)

Also available is the Complete Kit for pre-order.

Both are the same price as the old V3 was, which is great news:D

I imagine these will sell out fast so jump on them quickly if you want one (also see the other pre-order kit available).

Since I don't really need one yet (although do want one) I wont be pre-ordering so it gives others the chance to get one. So go, jump on that pre-order page and get your EZ-B on:D

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Great that pre orders are available would like more details of the V4 board


From the store page:

EZ-B v4 120MHz, 150 DMIPS, unique chip ID#, DAC amplified audio with Speaker for Robot voice, 8 Analog ports, 24 Digital ports, Wifi connectivity, i2c, UART, Resettable fuse protection, Reverse polarity protection, and on-board 3.3VDC

If you have any other questions let me know and I will do my best to get an answer!


Mark, Does it connect to an existing home network or does it create a Wifi hotspot? Still uses PC to run ARC, but can be controlled by Iphone? I am trying to understand if it will work in areas where there no Wifi (campground and grandmas house). I am excited about new features. Thanks Steve S


@Steve S

I asked DJ about this a few weeks ago, and he said it could do either Infrastructure (use existing network) or Ad-Hoc (peer to peer), basically creates own hotspot.

No word yet on iPhone, but DJ keeps hinting at it.



thetechguru, Thanks for the fast response. That would be great if it operated in areas where there was no Wi-Fi available. I am very interested and want to learn more. Steve S


This is great! Love it when people answer questions correctly before I get to it! Thanks @thetechguru!

Usually when DJ hints at something it usually wont be far off! (I dont have any knowledge of said App... just based on seeing how DJ operates!)


Could the starter of the thread mark it as answered? Thankyou!