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Ez-Robot Jd Kit Charger Error - 300Mv Difference Of Voltage

I used the JD as usual until EZB battery low warning.

When charging the charger lights blinks six times and stops 1 second, that it repeats the same sequence.

In the manual they mention the cause as:


There is a 300mv difference of voltage between battery pack.

I waited 1 hour and i got the same error, what should i do ?


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Thanks for the link.

The battery is still good and the charger is still working too i will keep using both.

I managed to solve the issue with another charger (my neighbor's charger).

it seems my charger can't handle unbalanced cells.

If it happens again I'll buy a more versatile charger.

Thanks for the link, i had a good laugh with WBS00001's post #5:)


yeah - the ez-robot charger is incredibly "safe" and follows some strict lipo charging guidelines for safety. Even if this appears a little annoying sometimes:). But the largest number of Revolution customers is actually schools and educational institutions, so the safety is mandatory. Thanks for understanding:)

This situation can be "repaired" by using a smarter or dumb charger to brute force a charge. The EZ-Robot charger is actually very smart, which is why it recognizes the cell difference. A brute force charger will simply throw current in the battery, meanwhile an even smarter charger will force re-balance the cells.

Sounds confusing but that's how it is:D