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Ez-Robot H-Bridge Board Documentation

I have an extra EZ-Robot H-Bridge board. It has no part number on it I would like to operate the "spare" from an Arduino. I can't find any documentation on the use of the pins on this model on the internet.

Could you point me to some documentation on this unit so I can get it running from an Arduino Uno ? Power, Direction, Break, PWM (Speed) for motor A and motor B. It is not obvious from your video on connecting it to the EZ-Robot controller V3 to determine the hookup and procedure for operating it because that is contained in your H-Bridge object..

I know this won't go to the top of your list....(:-)... But if you had documentation on operating it, or could point me it would help.



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In the tutorial DJ points to just substitute the EZB V3 for the Arduino


Thanks DJ and Rich ! Appreciate the quick turn-around.....

The tutorial Rich did gave the info I needed. Great Job ! My guesses on the triggers were incorrect. Will be using PWM separately on the motors.

Wish had found this without bothering you all. I looked, but my searches didn't find it. You have a great wealth of info on your site.

When I get done with this Arduino project, I will go back to my V4 and play. You have added a lot of neat stuff since I looked at ARC last !

The Arduino shields for motor controls all eat up Arduino pins I need for other stuff like wireless comm. And, they don't let you change them. This board just needs Digital Highs and Lows from any digital pins, and 2 PWM outputs for speed. You can pick which pins to use.... I'm in business !

Thanks again ! I consider this post closed.