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Ez-Cloud Needs More Examples

Hi all and DJ.

First of all, I really loved the concept of the EZ-Cloud for generating examples within ARC... so what happened ... read on and let me explain...

I'm fishing around for commands and ways to get Bob to do things through ARC script commands. Now I am familiar with the examples in ARC and understand that everyone is open to help with script commands. What I'm looking for is a script command data base (rather than a bunch of examples contained in obscure robots themselves). It's a bit like a physical build - you look for blocks of things that can go together or blocks of information. Now - I went to EZ-Cloud examples expecting to see hundreds of examples of commands and their script structure but to my amazement I can only find 3.

What happened ? Now DJ, I know you must have thousands of script examples you can share with us (minus the port configurations). Examples of what I'm talking about are for instance..

Example of Robot free roaming with ping collision detection Example of Robot speaking Example of Robot turning in circles Example of Robot moving and talking Example of Robot waking up and using personality generator Example of Robot Following color ball with camera

These are very basic examples but what you get is blocks of commands from scripts being available to pick and choose from. From there it;s just a case of adding your port references and away you go. Having a library with depth of these examples is something very lacking but can be fixed.

At the moment I'm having to build my own command examples from studying other builders Robots application of commands which is a long winded way of getting information. So come on DJ, lets get this Public Library Cloud of examples to the great standard of physical build examples we have available to us. I'd be pumping my own in but I'm at baby steps with this stuff. Cheers


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Ok, to practice what I preach, on my coming days off I will start adding some basic script examples. In the meantime anyone else with examples are more than welcome.


Added examples to EZ-cloud. In future I will use the ARC notepad tool more to explain how the commands work together. This is a fantastic tool for sharing how to piece commands together and as a depo for ones own script command progress, I just cannot understand why it isn't buzzing with hundreds of script command and robot control examples open to the public. I will be doing my best to build it up to share how ARC commands from the ARC platform can be used to bring robots to life...I feel like I'm winking in the dark on this subject. This is much better than cruising through the examples within the Builder. Come on everyone, show us what you've got ..and DJ that includes you..


Personally I like a good idea hazbot yours, it's a shame that the vast majority of users who use English as their native language do not bother to answer something. I have to use google translator to read and write here because my English level is not as good, but that stops me in expanding my knowledge. I gladly bring samples of my garbage robot (robot building) but were written with earlier versions of ARC, after many updates and could not load because it will not work in modern versions of the software, so would have to write the new programs, assign the ports of the servo, servo limits tours, etc. .. It also has the servo wheel broken, and my new robot rsp monopolizes my time and I have a little left. I'll try to upload to the cloud head the draft RSP that includes movement of eyebrows, jaw, pitch axis and synchronization of the jaw with audio files at the moment is all I can contribute. hazbot greetings.


Thanks R2D2.. I'm very pleased to see someone out there in a small corner of the world relates to the need for more script command examples that we can all study and understand and ultimately play with. The biggest thing that attracted me to using the DJ Sures approach wasn't so much the concept of converting toys into robots - that's been done before (sorry DJ) but to your credit you do it very well - it was the simple language that was developed to run the robot scripts. It's brilliant, simple and brings robotics to a level that adults and kids can relate to with the need to learn code. Like you R2D2 and most people in the world, I am very time poor and anything that can get things working quicker and simpler will win over everything else. The very fact the ARC commands are so simple means once our bots are built we can get more out of them and what better way than examples. There are probably many enthusiast out there wondering why Hazbot is banging on about this when there are examples in the ARC itself. Most of them relate to having a toy that pairs up to the servos. OK, that makes sense because of port variations and positions but it is also to have examples of how commands can string together to achieve a desired outcome in a robot. The strings of commands driven by script lines and different controls within Builder itself are something of a powerhouse of the robot once it's built. This is the point where sharing an understanding of these combinations is critical.

Anyway, enough of me banging on about this - I really look forward to your script command contributions to the EZ-Cloud R2D2 and thanks again for coming in on this one - great minds think alike, only kidding, your the great mind, I'm just a hack...




Just discovered this database link which will be a huge help those of us learning the VB.



Nothing much has changed - I'm of to the ARC site to do my apprenticeship try and figure things out...see you all in a week..


@Hazbot, I just wanted to say thank-you for the samples in the EZ cloud. i've already taken inspiration from the "danger" one and have just added the auto release to my servos.

Keep up the great work.