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Ez-Builder Freeze And Ez-B Crash

I will be using a random control. then suddenly ARC freezes. the ez-b's blue LED turns off. All the servos start going nuts!

Have no idea why this is happening.

Maybe someone could help? Up until today it was fine.

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The servos are unable to go nuts unless a script is specified to move them. The servos can only move when told by the application. I can understand ARC "freezing", but not the servos going crazy:) .. Unless your batteries die? Or the voltage regulators are getting very hot?

The servos can go nuts if the voltage regulators get really hot. Verify your connections.

As for ARC freezing... there is one known bug that is fixed with the next release. It has to do with the Camera Control. If the camera resolution is changed during activity, the camera "may" lock up the application. This doesn't always happen, but when it does it is annoying..

But, that bug has been fixed for the next release.:)
when it happens to me its any control. all the wires are good. heat regulator didn't get hot.
Technopro, I don't understand your sentence "when it happens to me its any control." Can you rewrite it so it makes sence?
I think he means it locks up from any control in ARC. Judging by the issue he posted in another thread regarding disregard incoming buffer, I'd say his computer is a little confused.
it was working fine until yesterday. now ill be using the ez-b, ill use a random control, ARC freezes, and all the servos start moving random directions.

I did have to reconnect the ez-b to my Bluetooth. maybe something in that process?
There is something fishy with your PC for sure. The message about ignoring incoming buffer means there is another application attempting to transmit on that port. If you are attempting to connect twice to an EZ-B, then I can see that being the issue:) .. But that'd be a silly thing to do so I will assume you're not.

As for the Bluetooth repairing, that's a sure sign there is an issue with the PC.

Maybe virus software? Surely there is some other program attempting to send data on the communication port...
@techno pro. Hey have you had any freezing problems with other programs? Perhaps you can uninstall ARC and do a restore and reinstall ARC.