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United Kingdom
Asked — Edited

Ez-Bluetooth Dongle.


So, my Ez-package-of-so-cool-I-tore-it-open-with-my-teeth turned up today... I got straight down to it, set up the battery pack, got it all batteried up, then set about getting the Bluetooth adapter (available from the store) plugged in.

Well, it pops up as a Device not Recognized. Then it says the Device failed. I've tried the dongle on another machine (The Mrs' laptop, running Vista) and it fires up straight away, no problem. Pop it in mine, and it has a little fit, then refuses to do anything else.

I'm running windows 7 64bit, Alienware Andromeda, quad-core @3ghz.. 4gb ram, servicepack 1.

Any ideas?

- Bill.


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Does any USB device get recognized when inserted into a USB port on that computer?
United Kingdom
Thanks for the response, but I think I've kinda-ish solved it...

To answer the question first, yes, never had any issues with any USB devices. Steering wheels, X52's, iphone, samsung, nexus, webcam etc etc all works fine. Additionally, the ports (I tried 3) that I tried all had devices in that were working fine. (One was my nexus, one my mouse, the third my Wacom)

I tried - on a whim - the Dongle in my Keyboards USB port.. This failed, due to power consumption. I then tried the dongle in another port again, and it worked. Just, y'know, fired up right away.

I'd tried all the usual things, removing device, uninstalling device, re-inserting, rebooting, booting with it in, booting without it in etc etc, but this seemed to fix it. I haven't tried removing it and putting it back in - if it ain't broke, don't fix it:D

Thanks for your reply, though, Doc!:)

- Bill.
Glad to have attempted a resolution on your PC, (not my background) I run a Roomba/Neato repair shop and like the EZ-B interface for having a little fun with the Roomba.
United Kingdom
It could be a faulty dongle, although if it worked in a different PC then it shouldn't be faulty.
It may be your version of Windows or the settings for downloading drivers. Or it could even be a power issue with the power to the USB ports, although Windows would have reported that.

Do you remember what it said in device manager (if you looked)? Usually it'll give an error code or something like "The device cannot start" or something, it usually indicates the reason in there.

Obviously don't pull it out and mess around with it now it's working but look there in the future if it does it again.

Or try a different bluetooth dongle...
United Kingdom
I'm wondering now if the chicken dance / spinning around / spit 10 times / arm waving is what made it work?


- Bill.